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Arrival on Q'reis

Kael and Seven (Dave’s character) discussed ways to get the cohorts to Q’reis when Kael called upon Kiera. Upon arrival, Kiera teleported Milagros away and they had some sort of conversation. When they returned, Kael asked Kiera to teleport everyone to Q’reis. She declined. She said that she would teleport the group to outside Halfton where Kael would be responsible for getting them to Q’reis. He did so and returned (via magic from Keira) to Underleaf.

Upon their arrival, Keira met the cohorts. They asked her some questions about Liven, the thief who stole the Tome of the Dragon. Keira laughed and told them that Liven wasn’t his real name. The name he actually goes by is the Spiderwalker, and that Liven is an alias…

She said that the Spiderwalker is a very powerful rogue, the likes of which Taladoc wouldn’t work with because he couldn’t control him. Spiderwalker is a master thief, the type of which only the most rich and most powerful can hire. And that if they were serious about going after the Spiderwalker, they should consider that whomever actually hired him to obtain the Tome must be very dangerous as well. Finally, she told them that he typically resides in the city of Ohlidar on the continent of Draconis. When pressed on how to get to Ohlidar, she essentially told them to start walking towards the east, and that there would be a small village to help them.

She wasn’t kidding when she said small. When they came to the village, they realized they could see in most of the second floors of the building. They came across a fountain in the middle of the village of a dragon appearing to be fighting something up above it. From behind them, an individual spoke to them. Long story short, it was a kobold. But a very intelligent and erudite kobold named Draxil. They discovered that kobolds were the creation of the dragons at the end of the Titan Wars, along with two other races, the dracha and the mohj. The dracha are the warriors, the mohj the spellcasters, and the kobolds the diplomats.

During a discussion of how to get to Ohlidar, Sam’s character (name I cannot remember) pissed the kobold off, who used its frightful presence ability on him, thoroughly scaring him! Ultimately, the find out that Draxil can get them to Ohlidar, and they offer him 900 gold to get everyone there. He accepts and the next morning everyone is teleport to a few miles outside of Ohlidar. They find a very dirty city from this distance, numerous smokestacks bellowing out thick, clutching smoke. The city lay upon a cliff on a seaside (not unlike Lhirreix), and hovering above the city is a massive sphere, prismatic in nature, looking much like an opaque bubble shining in the summer sun…


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