Valaxytar is arguably the most powerful god on Q’reis, though some sages argue that Larshan is the most powerful now.

Valaxytar is known as the First Dragon. This name was given to him by the vaelrie on Alvenal for his status as the most powerful of the dragons. He still uses that name to this day.

Soon after the dragons arrival on Q’reis from Alvenal, the remaining gods lifted Valaxytar to the position he holds today. The only other dragon to carry as much weight as he does is his brother, Brevik the Red.

In the past few decades, Valaxytar has taken a greater interest in Alvenal. Less than a decade ago, he sent the mohj known as the Herald to be his emissary and announce that the dragons would return to their home planet soon. Not long after its arrival on Alvenal, the Herald disappeared and hasn’t been heard from since. Now, Valaxytar’s agent on Alvenal is Milagros, a half-vaelrie fighter.


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